A Conversation with Patti Cathcart of ‘Tuck and Patti’

Posted on July 13th, 2011 in Artist Interviews

Originally published by Inner Tapestry, 2006

Patti Cathcart is one half of the amazing duo Tuck and Patti. I have lost count of how many times I have had the good fortune to see them in concert. There is that moment a few minutes into the show when you fully understand that Tuck and Patti are simply one voice and one guitar. There is no play list. There is no verbal communication between them. They are

improvising! It is also then that you understand that this will be a special evening. So it was for me a thrill to be able to talk with Patti about the music and what she and Tuck have been doing for more than twenty years. I spoke to her by phone just as they were headed out on a short tour to Italy and the Canary Islands. They were in the midst of revamping their home studio and getting ready for upcoming recording projects. We talked about their most recent recording A Gift of Love, how that came about, and how they came to know that ‘love’ had to be the foundation of all that they do. Here are excerpts of our conversation.

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