Sarah Bowen

Posted on July 13th, 2011 in Artist Interviews

Originally published in Inner Tapestry, 2005.

A Vermont-based artist, Sarah Bowen began her art career creating films in collaboration with musicians, dancers, and experimental theaters in the U.S. and Europe. Sarah places her work “in the ancient world tradition of sacred art in which the practice of visualization brings about a more evolved and compassionate state of being for artists and viewers alike.” 

Sarah and I have been talking about art and following the developments in each other’s work for over ten years. Her paintings have a quiet strength that illuminates the depth of her own thinking about the work. These deeply personal paintings personify, as she says, “the day to day interaction of a meditative life with an engaged studio practice.” The paintings are also nourished by studies in shamanic art, Tibetan Buddhist art, the art of the alchemical tradition, and deep ecology.

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