Judy Perry came to Maine from New York's Hudson River Valley. Her boldly colored semi-abstract oil paintings are based in nature and reflect the power of the natural world, it’s vibrancy and beauty.

She lives in a small farmhouse on three acres not far from The Penobscot Bay, grows food, plants trees and harvests the sun and rainwater to meet some of her needs. Of this choice to live more sustainably and responsibly Judy says, "it deepens my connection to home and to the land, while also connecting me to the larger landscape-that interconnectedness is in many ways the same relationship that I explore in my work.” She received her MFA in 1996, and has been exhibiting her work for twenty years.

Judy's interest in the lives of other artists led to an ongoing interviewing project called 'Artists and Writers in their own words' (READ BLOG). Many of her interviews have been published in newspapers, journals, catalogues and magazines.

I have been painting trees from a variety of angles, perspectives and even from different degrees of distance for more than a dozen years. These "portraits" explored the life sustaining movement of trees as they extend into space and reach to maximize their participation in the world. These paintings are the foundation of my studio practice. They are the images I have built upon and also the images which I return to.

In the last few years, the trees have moved me to further investigate the inter-connectedness of movement, stillness and our relationship to nature as witness and participator. Each painting is  a subtle reminder that relationship and connection are fundamental to building and nourishing our lives.


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